What is courier business insurance?

Courier insurance is for anyone who delivers goods to multiple locations in a timely fashion for pay. This is different to the insurance you will need if you make single-drop deliveries, such as in haulage or takeaways. Couriers face different types of risk to other businesses, and having the right cover will ensure that you can maintain your livelihood and reputation in the event of an accident or other incident. We primarily offer insurance for people who use vans to deliver goods, but can also cover cars or motorcycles for courier work (because this will not be covered by your private car or motorcycle insurance). Dependent on the number of vehicles, you may need Courier Van Insurance or Courier Fleet Insurance.

Courier Van Insurance is designed for when your business has five or fewer vehicles, and Fleet Insurance is for when you have more than five vehicles (and when most of these are vans, but this can also include other kinds of vehicle). These types of insurance will be available to you regardless of the types of goods you deliver, so long as you are delivering to multiple locations and to a deadline. We can help you find cover for special goods such as toxic, explosive or inflammable products, and you can opt for a package that will combine your courier insurance with Goods in Transit Insurance.

Courier Van Insurance

Your van is your livelihood, and this insurance will help to get you back on the road in the event of an accident or incident. There are three levels of cover available for this type of insurance. Third-party insurance is the minimum you need to be able to drive on courier business, and this will cover damage to another vehicle, person, animal or property that is deemed to be your fault. Third party, fire and theft insurance includes those risks as well as the possibility that your vehicle is stolen or involved in a fire. Comprehensive cover incorporates these risks and will also allow you to claim for accidental damage to your vehicle, too.

The price of Courier Van Insurance will depend on things that you may be able to choose, such as the amount of excess you pay, and your circumstances, such as the size of your vehicle(s), how many drivers will be on the policy, and the area that you travel. If you purchase your Courier Van insurance through Smarter Insurance, we can negotiate a tailor-made package to get you the best possible deal from our panel of insurers.

Courier Fleet Insurance

There are discounts for insuring a fleet of vehicles together, and this type of package gives you the advantage of having just one policy to administer. Courier Fleet Insurance is for when you have more than five vehicles, and this can include a mixture of vans, motorcycles and cars. Dependent on the insurer, it may also allow you to change the vehicles on the policy through time, and widen the cover to include any authorised driver.

There are several related types of insurance cover for couriers such as Goods In Transit Insurance and Employers’ Liability, that you might be able to obtain in one package with the vehicle cover to help keep your costs down. We may also be able to offer ‘add-ons’, such as AA Accident and Breakdown cover, to help you save on costs.

Making insurance easier for you

Smarter Insurance is one of the largest courier insurance providers in the UK. We take pride in working to find the best insurance cover for your individual circumstances, whether you are a self-employed courier or manage a large fleet of courier vehicles. Our brokers work with the leading insurance firms to negotiate deals on your behalf, and we will obtain the lowest price for the features you need to keep you covered. We can sometimes find deals for eligible drivers under the age of 25 and even courier insurance for drivers with driving convictions, and your policy could also include free EU cover. If you should ever need to make a claim, you will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our experienced team.

Because all our insurance is tailored to your business, a combined package with other types of insurance can help you to make savings. You can get an instant quote by using our online quote request form.

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