Insurance always seems like a financial burden until the moment you need to make a claim. There are unfortunately several things that can go wrong during a delivery and ensuring that you know ‘what insurance do I need to be a courier’ is very important. It is illegal to drive without specific insurance for courier drivers and your standard vehicle insurance will not cover any accidents that occur during a delivery so do not hesitate to get a courier car insurance online quote with ease today.

Some of the most common claims received from couriers include accidents in vehicles, broken parcels or lost or stolen parcels. The most expensive claims are often related to public liability when a member of the public is injured by the parcel or vehicle as they will file a compensation claim which involves a multitude of legal fees and a compensation pay out. Luckily these accidents are infrequent but when they do occur they are always very costly.

There is not only the direct cost of the damage to the vehicle, parcel or property to be concerned about. You must also consider the repercussions on your business. If there were to be an accident with one delivery vehicle making multiple drop offs, if you do not have a repairs or replacement vehicle available on your insurance then making the rest of these drop-offs in their scheduled times is near enough impossible. The knock on effects of breakdowns and accidents tend to be as costly as the damage itself and business interruption is often a common side effect. This then disrupts a chain of deliveries and maybe a supply chain and results in lots of unhappy customers. This reflects badly upon your business and customers are less likely to use your services again. This is why insurance courier services are so important to put a backup strategy in place in case anything does go wrong.

You can also obtain business interruption cover. This reduces the consequences of interruptions such as issues with supply chains, unforeseen circumstances such as fires at the depot or flooded roads. These accidents may be more common in certain areas, which could affect the cost of your insurance policy.

When these unfortunate accidents or mishaps do occur if you have the full, relevant cover then your insurance pay-out could save you a fortune. All that is left for the courier to do then is to deal with the customer and explain the situation to them. However this is the responsibility of the courier not the seller or insurer. If this process is handled correctly then you should get repeat business.