There is now a new concept for how couriers are obtaining business, by bidding for jobs online.

Couriers are now able to bid for delivery jobs on the Internet. There are websites that have live listings of parcels that need delivering. Companies can bid on these jobs and charge prices to suit them as long as they are not outbid by the competition. Some of these sites are no win no fee and some you may need to register a courier profile for. There are tools available for automatic bidding, bidding progress, booking in deliveries etc. for couriers who use this method as a full-time job.

You are sometimes required to create a profile with your business information including the type of jobs you do, your insurance guarantees, methods of payment, your local area, same day or long distance preferences etc. Customers are then able to view your bid and decide whether or not to accept it based on your profile. Larger companies will expect you to upload a goods in transit insurance document otherwise they will not truth their business with you. Having goods in transit insurance will open up a lot more opportunities for business if you are working for yourself doing couriering.

This means if you are planning to be a courier in your free time to make some extra money or want to start a small business then there is always business available that you can bid on. You can also be flexible with which deliveries you do and where you travel. All you need to do is get the appropriate courier car insurance on your vehicle and create an online profile.