If you are looking for a courier for your business then it is worth spending some time shopping around for the best deal, as this can be a large expenditure for any business that offers delivery. If you are planning to do your own couriering then finding the best value and best cover insurance is also very important. This enables a smooth running business with procedures in place if things do go wrong and consequently more, happy, returning customers.

If you have good courier insurance then this means if any accidents were to occur on the road whilst you were carrying out work then you could be covered for these. These types of accidents would include damage, loss or theft or any contents being picked up or dropped off in its duration in the vehicle. Good insurance will consist of at least three things vehicle insurance, goods in transit insurance, public liability (and employers’ liability) insurance. This means you are covered in any of the following incidents:

  • Any accidents resulting in ill health or injury to any member of the public or damage to their property
  • Ill health or injury of any of your employees
  • Damage, theft or loss of any goods in the vehicle
  • Damage or breakdown of your vehicle

If you have bad courier insurance you can be left exposed to these risks and their costs. This will mean any accidents regarding the goods, your vehicle, the public or your employees will be your responsibility. The claims can often be costly and often come with big legal bills especially when it comes to compensation.

Some couriers think just insuring your vehicle is sufficient but sadly this is not the case. If your vehicle were to be damage or breakdown during a delivery then your courier vehicle insurance will pay out to get this fixed and can send a replacement to minimise the knock on effect. You should make sure you are covered for anything else you might need including any premises that you have.

The best way to guarantee you are getting good insurance is by working with a quality insurance broker who is able to offer advice on all insurance products and risk management. This way you can be confident they would handle your claim in the best possible manner. It would be recommendable to choose a broker who offers a range of different insurers for courier vehicle insurance to ensure a good value price and sufficient cover.