Trying to estimate the increase in people using online shopping over the last decade is almost impossible. Technology has been forced to pick up the pace to keep up with the high demand of online shopping orders. The desire for the convenience of ordering an online shop has rocketed in the last decade meaning couriers are in demand on a day to day basis delivering parcels to a multitude of customer’s homes.

The vast growth in popularity of online shopping has shown an 11% increase in parcel volume. This has resulted in a huge increased demand for courier services within the UK. We have an estimated 1 billion parcels delivered every year which has put a demand on the ever growing logistic workforce of around 2 million people. The domestic parcel industry is said to be worth £4.4 billion in recent years.

Shoppers have reported making 51% of their purchases online now, which has had obvious impacts on the retail market. Nearly 60% of shoppers report ordering Christmas presents on a mobile device and this number is accelerating year on year.

Where better to look for evidence of the online retail boom than the front-runners, Amazon? During the festive season in 2014 they shipped goods to 185 different countries. The last successfully delivered Amazon Prime order was placed at half 10 on the evening of Christmas Eve!

Black Friday is a recent phenomenon growing hugely popular over the last five years or so. This day puts an intense demand on couriers in the UK with more products being taken into store in the week running up to black Friday and the days after to restock. Also with an abundance of people doing their black Friday shopping online, the deliveries in the following days are vast and there is a huge amount of stress on websites and courier operations as a result of this. The Amazon Fire tablet sold three times more on Black Friday than the previous year and the fire TV stick sold faster than any other Amazon device ever. On the same Black Friday nearly 1000 PlayStation 4s were sold per minute at the peak.

It is not only Amazon who have been impacted by Black Friday. Currys PC World sales figures were as impressive with one order per second and 1.6 million website visitors on Black Friday. They also had 2.3 million online visitors on Boxing Day the expected demand was so severe that they held enough stock to fill 64 Olympic sized pools! With these outstanding sales figures, there was a huge amount of stock that needed to be delivered within a short space of time which meant a lot of business for courier companies.

Future predictions of online shopping suggest the rates are not plateauing and LDV are reportedly investing in fleets of new vehicles to keep up with the rocketing demand. Consumer expectations are also on the rise which means a demand for experienced, qualified drivers who are efficient and flexible. So if you are debating becoming a courier driver and are weighing up the cost of van insurance for couriers then you can be reassured that the rates of deliveries show no signs of slowing down.

With 8% of people in the couriering industry now self-employed a new sector of couriers has developed. They are known as the ‘lifestyle couriers’ who use couriering to make extra money by bidding for jobs in their local area and charging their own rates. If these people have long journeys planned they will search for parcels that need delivering along the way and make money from doing multiple drop-offs.

Now with the takeaway industry converting rapidly to online with websites such as Just Eat and Hungry House, takeaway couriering is becoming increasingly popular. With this increasing popularity, motorcycle courier insurance online quotes are much easier to get hold of. Deliveroo have revolutionised the delivery of takeaway with their bikes and motorcycles popping up all over cities, bike courier insurance has become more popular as a result. However if you are looking to courier perishables you may need to again check this is covered under your goods in transit insurance courier policy.