Same day courier delivery began with London Taxi companies that expanded to motorcyclists providing deliveries across London for many different companies within the same day for a cost.  In the 70’s small local companies delivering within their region or province started to pop up across the country. These companies started small and have expanded rapidly over the last decade with some local, UK based companies growing from 1 vehicle to 300 vans in the space of 10 years which shows impressive company growth. Legalities were then introduced to ensure that all couriers had insurance for courier vehicles. This expansion happened rapidly and now there are lots of large, well-known courier companies that provide next day delivery worldwide. Some of these that you may have heard of include Royal Mail, Yodel, UK Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT etc.

There are thousands and thousands of different courier companies available now and the ‘man with a van’ freelance business model has become increasingly popular. This is because all they need is a vehicle which they may already own and courier motor insurance. Car insurance for courier drivers starting out is easy to get hold of which makes starting up simple. Also because the demand for UK parcel delivery is so high at the moment there is always business available. They operate within their local area so are able to offer next day or even same day services for a higher price.

Some even specialise in transporting certain goods such as sensitive documents, liquids, hazardous materials, palettes, livestock etc. These are specialist couriers and the courier insurance prices would be much more expensive to cover risk of theft, damage or loss of such goods. If you wish to have such items transported for you then look into hiring a courier with insurance specific to your goods because it can be difficult and expensive to find a specifies insurance courier yourself.

Technology has transformed the way we use courier services. There is much less in the way of documentation and they have now introduced text and email updates, online tracking, signing for parcels on electronic devices etc. Most large companies will prefer to use large, well known organisations with commercial courier insurance to do their couriering because they are prepared for the increased customer demand and expectation. These companies can also offer more guarantee with arrival times, more flexibility and better technology.

Royal Mail did play a large role in couriering in the UK however in recent years they have been outcompeted due to their high cost, unreliability with strikes and damaged reputation. Some UK couriers are now able to offer next day services abroad which is a relatively recent advance. This has meant that insurers have had to loosen the reins on their policies and you can now even purchase a policy that covers courier insurance Australia.

However shipping goods from abroad usually requires courier cargo insurance. FedEx is a leader in this field as they fly their parcels over to many European countries. However this is still proving to be an expensive method and ‘by road’ options tend to be much cheaper. ‘By road’ can still be a very quick process for example parcels from France can be delivered in as little as two days which is impressive compared to historical delivery times where deliveries even from neighbouring European countries would take weeks.

It is so easy now for customers to shop online and get things delivered from another country in a short amount of time, often less than a week. If you are a business looking to buy and sell abroad then when deciding on a courier you may need cargo insurance for couriers. When companies manufacture abroad it is possible to buy courier insurance in other countries so things can be transported to and from factories etc. Courier insurance India is relatively cheap and so are production costs so outsourcing abroad is now much more of a popular business decision.