“How much is courier insurance” depends on many variables as listed below:

  • Vehicle type – car, lorry, van, bicycle, motorbike
  • Vehicles – number, make, age, mileage, model
  • Vehicle value
  • Carriage basis – one client, small client base, many clients
  • Type of goods – excluded items will add extra cost
  • Coverage area
  • Drivers and license – age and years they have held a licence
  • How many years of no claims bonus you have

If you are getting a courier insurance online quote then you will be required to fill in a form asking you for the above information in order to generate a quote.

If you are looking for an insurance policy for a courier business then your premiums and terms will depend on such factors. (Your business or personal vehicle insurance alone will not cover the ‘carriage of goods for hire or reward’ you will need to take out a separate policy for couriering.) Your policy holder is also more than likely to look at other factors such as how many vehicles you have, your courier experience, customer base, number of drivers and their experience and your claims history and the courier insurance cost can fluctuate accordingly. However this can make it a cheaper alternative to insuring each vehicle and driver individually and can obtain you discounts on the cost especially if you have a fleet.

If you are looking for a one off courier which is most common with members of the public selling things online or small companies making one off orders, then there are several ways you can go about getting the item delivered. You can drive your own vehicle regarding you get the correct short-term courier insurance and public liability insurance. You can pay (usually inflated costs) to use a courier company for a one off delivery unless you have an account with them. Or you can hire with courier insurance, a driver and vehicle to do the job for you.

If you are looking for a price for a specific delivery then courier van insurance online quotes are the most popular method. These do depend on several different variables but doing your research online is the most convenient way to get a rough estimate of a cheap courier van insurance quote before talking to an insurance broker.

You can enter your details into many websites online and the type of insurance you are looking for, for example vehicle insurance, courier goods in transit insurance or public liability insurance tend to be the most popular and are necessary for any courier. The search for cheap van courier insurance can be difficult but it is important to get a range of courier van insurance quotes and always check the fine print to see what the policy covers. If you are looking for Courier insurance Ireland you will need to specify the currency you want your quote in or speak to an insurance broker in Ireland.

Insurance brokers usually provide you with the option to pay annually or monthly for your insurance. If you are paying monthly this does not necessarily mean you can cancel at any point as you may still be signing up for a 12 month contract just with monthly payments. Paying monthly usually comes with the added cost of interest so do not forget to factor this into your cost analysis. However if you do need to cancel your insurance for any reason in the middle of a contract be wary that you may need to pay a cancellation fee or not get a full repayment.