Courier companies have introduced new technology that enables customer, couriers and sellers to track their parcels from the depot to on the vehicle to the front door. This means people awaiting parcels can receive a notification that there parcel has been dispatched to a courier, an estimated time of arrival down to the hour and finally a text or email to say that their parcel has been delivered.

Whether tracking is available or not is a responsibility of the courier. Most large companies such as Yodel will provide their couriers with the resources to be able to provide tracking on the parcels. Once a parcel has been registered as with the courier this can send an email to the customer and again when the parcel is signed for on an electronic device the customer will know it has been delivered or left with a neighbour etc. This process has improved customer satisfaction and may set some courier companies apart from others.
We can also track parcels arriving from abroad using telematics for fleets. Telematics works by giving reports of mileage and keeping customers in the loop. This uses GPS to track fleets and boats during travel. Courier companies themselves are responsible for this, independent of the insurance. With the impressively low cost of ordering from abroad and rapid delivery times, buying things from abroad is as simple and convenient as ordering from a local store.

During the period that goods are in the courier vehicle this is when goods in transit insurance is of great value because tracking is not always possible during this period. If there was an incident where the parcel was damaged or lost in transit then being able to track the parcel back to the seller or to the customer is important. If say something was ordered from an online company, when a goods in transit claim was made, the brokers would be able to trace the item and find out its worth to be able to make a pay-out. This is why the goods in transit insurance rules are often quite strict and specific to enable tracking of the item back to its source. Some items are excluded because their prices are difficult to pinpoint. This applies to all types of courier vehicles and may be recommended for bicycles and motorcycles, as accidents and theft are more common.

There is also the option to track vehicles. Some insurance policies will take this into consideration if the vehicle is modified with a tracker. This means if there was ever an incident of theft that you would be more likely to rescue the vehicle which would mean a smaller, if any payout from the insurers.