When most people think of couriers they think of vans and lorries driving all over the country transporting large goods. However other vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for making deliveries including cars, motorbikes and bikes. Courier insurance is required regardless of the type of vehicle even bicycle and motorcycle courier insurance is a legal requirement. Of course for greater distances deliveries may require the use of trains, aircrafts and ferries and insurance differs here.

Bikes and motorbikes have become increasingly popular methods of transport especially within cities such as London. Using a bike is remarkably faster than attempting to get a van through the city centre and many places have no road access or parking available. For obvious reasons these modes of transport are used for smaller deliveries such as takeaways, clothes, makeup, games, office supplies etc. Courier motorcycle insurance is now available for companies that choose to use this method of transport.

Courier companies will have to take into account their client base when deciding on the vehicles they are insuring. Using bikes will limit delivering most large products such as furniture, building supplies, electronics and most high value products due to lack of security. However if you were a single courier bidding for small packages in your local area to deliver, then a car or bike would be sufficient (but you still need to look into courier vehicle and public liability insurance).

Your courier insurance quote will vary dependent on the vehicle being used (as well as a multitude of other variables) so it is important to factor in these costs especially in a new business model. As expected courier van insurance will be more costly than insuring a bicycle because they are capable of more damage to other people and vehicles and have much higher breakdown and replacement costs.