Courier Insurance FAQs

Am I covered for house moves under my courier insurance?

House moves are not covered on a typical courier insurance policy. This is because you may...

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What is the courier exchange?

The courier exchange has introduced a new method for obtaining courier jobs. It is a proce...

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Am I covered to transport all types of goods?

Most basic insurance policies will only cover you to carry basic parcels, envelopes, crate...

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What does courier liability insurance consist of?

Courier liability insurance can be broken down into public and employers liability insuran...

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What are telematics and do I need them?

Telematics is a method by which computerised information is transmitted across long distan...

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Do I need courier insurance if I use a bike or motorbike?

If you are using a bike or motorbike as a courier vehicle then you will still require cour...

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