Tailored fleet insurance packages


Whatever your situation, whether you own a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, you have to make certain that you are adequately covered. All it takes is one random accident and if you don’t have the right insurance, your reputation or even your business as a whole could be ruined. In order to be sure you have complete cover, all of your vehicles, all of your drivers, all of the goods you carry and any of the general public that you deal with in the daily running of your business must all be insured.

It is worth remembering that if your business makes use of three or more vehicles, then you would do well to consider taking advantage of Smarter Insurance’s fleet insurance.

What are the advantages of fleet insurance?

There are many benefits to insuring fleets of vehicles rather than single cars or vans. They include:

  • The convenience of covering every vehicle and driver under one single policy
  • Having to remember and deal with just one point of contact and one renewal date, making all communication and any alterations to your policy as simple and convenient as possible
  • The possibility of insuring a wide range of different types of vehicle with a single policy
  • The possibility of insuring any authorised driver, as opposed to just named drivers (depending on your policy)


What types of fleet insurance are available?

With over four decades of experience in vehicle insurance, Smarter Insurance can cover you for any eventuality. We offer coverage for the following kinds of fleet:

Taxi Fleet Insurance

Smarter Insurance offer monthly or annual policies for your fleet of taxis, which can be anything from three vehicles upwards, and covers vehicles with up to 16 seats. As well as owner driver schemes, where we insure vehicles owned by the drivers featured on your fleet policy, we also cover both public and private hire fleets, experienced and new drivers and your company base, which means insuring your premises and business equipment, including public and employer’s liability etc.

Courier Fleet Insurance

Our great value courier fleet insurance includes coverage not only for all of the vehicles in your fleet, but also for any dangerous goods that you may be transporting. It also includes breakdown cover, motor legal protection, public and employer’s liability, professional indemnity cover and foreign use extension that includes free cover in Europe. Also, to ensure that your courier fleet is always fully protected, you can amend the list of insured vehicles online at any time.

We also offer car fleet insurance, van fleet insurance, haulage fleet insurance and coach fleet insurance.

Furthermore, Smarter Insurance can also provide cutting edge telematics software, allowing fleet operators to reduce the risk of accidents and therefore cut down on the cost of their insurance. It also manages to simplify the claims process, providing filmed footage and digital tracking information after any accident.

Make your quote quick, simply and effective

At Smarter Insurance, we’re very pleased to make fleet insurance a quick, simple and effective process, with highly competitive rates and a team of experts who will ensure you get exactly the right fleet insurance package for your specific needs. Plus, we can cover you instantly – all it takes is one phone call.

If you’d like to talk to us about insuring your fleet of vehicles, contact our friendly team on 03334 000610 today, or fill in our online form and ask for a quote.

How many vehicles do I need to qualify for fleet insurance?
What vehicles are covered?
Can I cover taxis under fleet insurance?
Can I put my private vehicle on my fleet insurance policy?
What can I use my fleet vehicles for?

How many vehicles do I need to qualify for fleet insurance?

A fleet is typically made up of 3 or more vehicles. This may vary between insurers but 3 is a standard. Some insurers will assume a maximum number of vehicles, often this can be 10 vehicles. So if you want to insure more than 10 you need to be specific this when taking out your policy.

You will usually be asked how many vehicles you wish to cover anyway and it is even possible to get insurance on hundreds or thousands of vehicles. This can be ideal for large taxi or courier companies with many employees.

When a business is large enough to warrant 3 vehicles or more, insuring them all individually can become very complicated. This is when fleet insurance can be very useful and flexible. It can also work out as being the cheapest option as an alternative to many individual policies.

Bear in mind that more vehicles means a more expensive policy so the more you add the more you will pay but not to the extent of taking out hundreds on individual policies.

What vehicles are covered?

Most providers will cover cars, minibuses, coaches, busses or trucks under a fleet policy. You can also get specialist cover for tractors, motorbikes, tippers, scooters etc. but you will need to specify if you are using these types of vehicles. Some insurers will specialise in specific types of vehicles so it is important to speak to the right people for your business.

Most will be flexible with the vehicles however there may be some exclusions such as motorbikes as they have increased risk of accidents. Classic cars or super cars are another matter and these will require specialist insurance due to their high value.

You can get fleet cover for many vehicle uses such as haulage, couriers, private hire or public taxi services. Of course these businesses will use different vehicles of varying values so this will be taken into consideration too.

When you take out a policy you can put on each individual vehicle that you will be using for business purposes or take out an ‘any vehicle’ policy. This means you have the flexibility if you change vehicles or invest in more. However ‘any vehicle’ insurance does come at an inflated cost. Also all vehicles on the policy must be registered in the name of the company and used for business purposes otherwise they are not covered.

Can I cover taxis under fleet insurance?

Yes, taxi companies are one of the main users of fleet insurance. You can cover both private hire and public taxis under fleet insurance as long as you have at least 3 taxis. You can also cover black cabs, minibuses and disabled access taxis if these are specified on the policy.

Whether you have a small fleet of 3 taxis or a large taxi company with hundreds of cars and drivers, using fleet insurance is probably the easiest and most flexible option.

It is also important to consider public and employers liability insurance too as these are also required for taxi companies. You can just purchase an insurance product that umbrellas all of the types of insurance that you need from a specific taxi fleet specialist.

Can I put my private vehicle on my fleet insurance policy?

No vehicles used solely for private, social or domestic use will not be covered on fleet insurance, these will still require a private policy.

Any vehicles that you put on a fleet policy must be registered in the company name or the name of a partner or director of the business. If your vehicle is registered under the company or directors name then yes you can put it on the policy. However you are not covered for social or domestic use only when driving for business purposes. You will require another private policy to cover use outside of work or speak to your insurer about getting an ‘add on’ policy to cover use outside of work.

This also means you cannot add vehicles belonging to your employees to the policy if the vehicle is in their name even if it is for business use.

If you have a taxi business, all the vehicles must be purchased or leased through the business or directors name and you can then allocate them to employees and cover them with your fleet insurance policy for work purposes.

What can I use my fleet vehicles for?

As with every insurance policy there are terms and conditions for when fleet insurance is valid and what activities you are covered for. You are usually only covered whilst driving the vehicles for business transportation.

Businesses that you can use fleet vehicles for include couriering, private hire taxis, chauffer, haulage, business transportation, public taxis etc. The insurance may vary dependent on the level of risk posed by the type of business and the type of transportation you will be doing in the vehicles. High risk businesses such as recovery operators will have a larger premium because there is an increased chance of an accident.

Each of these businesses will require additional types of insurance so make sure you have all elements covered. For example couriers will need goods in transit insurance, public taxis will need public liability insurance and haulage companies will need haulage insurance. Most companies taking out fleet insurance will have employees thus will need employers’ liability insurance too.

Choosing the right insurance can be very complex so make sure to speak to an expert if you are unsure which policies you need.