What are the best taxi vehicles?

Taxi insurance premiums vary depending on the vehicle you are insuring. Newer but cheaper vehicles will get you the best value insurance as they are less likely to break down but are also not too expensive to repair.

Saloon and estate cars are probably the most popular types of taxis but different businesses may have deals or contracts with specific models of car.

The desired qualities in terms of providing a taxi service would have to be allowing for at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver to maximise the client base. Cars with larger boots are better for luggage space and will not restrict you from doing journeys such as airport drop offs.

Diesel cars are more economical so these tend to be more popular when high mileage is a big part of the job.

Many taxi companies will have a range of vehicles including MPVs and minibuses but you will have to specify these to your insurer as they will be worth more than normal cars.