Can I insure any employee on a motor trade insurance policy?

When you take out your policy it will usually work out cheaper to put all the names of your employees onto a motor trade policy and provide each individual driving history. This covers only these named employees for the level of cover you invest in. However for each employee that has a history of claims or convictions then this could increase the overall price of the policy.

However you can also have a policy which covers anyone under your business name as an additional driver. This tends to be more costly because the driving history of the employees are unknown but can be useful if you have a high rate of staff change or growth. Some people see this as an alternative to admitting to convictions or to get a policy for young drivers. However it does not work like that. Most insurers will render your policy invalid if a claim is made by a driver with convictions or a driver under the age of 25 (some insurers will allow 23) that they did not know about.

If you can get a policy that covers young drivers and drivers with convictions then you should expect that it will be more expensive. Make sure to check the details in your policy to see which of your employees may or may not be covered to avoid invalid policies.