Can I put my private vehicle on my fleet insurance policy?

No vehicles used solely for private, social or domestic use will not be covered on fleet insurance, these will still require a private policy.

Any vehicles that you put on a fleet policy must be registered in the company name or the name of a partner or director of the business. If your vehicle is registered under the company or directors name then yes you can put it on the policy. However you are not covered for social or domestic use only when driving for business purposes. You will require another private policy to cover use outside of work or speak to your insurer about getting an ‘add on’ policy to cover use outside of work.

This also means you cannot add vehicles belonging to your employees to the policy if the vehicle is in their name even if it is for business use.

If you have a taxi business, all the vehicles must be purchased or leased through the business or directors name and you can then allocate them to employees and cover them with your fleet insurance policy for work purposes.