What can I use my fleet vehicles for?

As with every insurance policy there are terms and conditions for when fleet insurance is valid and what activities you are covered for. You are usually only covered whilst driving the vehicles for business transportation.

Businesses that you can use fleet vehicles for include couriering, private hire taxis, chauffer, haulage, business transportation, public taxis etc. The insurance may vary dependent on the level of risk posed by the type of business and the type of transportation you will be doing in the vehicles. High risk businesses such as recovery operators will have a larger premium because there is an increased chance of an accident.

Each of these businesses will require additional types of insurance so make sure you have all elements covered. For example couriers will need goods in transit insurance, public taxis will need public liability insurance and haulage companies will need haulage insurance. Most companies taking out fleet insurance will have employees thus will need employers’ liability insurance too.

Choosing the right insurance can be very complex so make sure to speak to an expert if you are unsure which policies you need.