What is the difference between road risk only and combined motor trade insurance?

The main difference between road risk only and combined motor trade insurance is the level or amount of cover provided.

Road risk only insurance is the most simple offering when it comes to motor trade insurance. It only covers vehicles owned by and in possession of the business for work purposes whilst they are on the road. It is available in third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover and this works the same as it does with a private policy. Road risk only is the cheapest motor trade insurance available but for many larger companies this will not be sufficient cover.

Combined motor trade insurance is the most thorough cover and although it comes at an extra cost it will cover you for almost any instance. A combined insurance policy can vary in terms of what is included between different insurers. However they typically cover the following: road risk insurance, employers and public liability, premises, tool and money cover, defective workmanship and business interruption insurance and product indemnity cover. There are also options you can add to your policy such as no claims protection and legal expenses cover. The combined policy is the best in terms of having total peace of mind and not risking large pay-outs.

Of course both policies have their restrictions so it is still important to know your terms and conditions to ensure your policy is always valid.