How many vehicles do I need to qualify for fleet insurance?

A fleet is typically made up of 3 or more vehicles. This may vary between insurers but 3 is a standard. Some insurers will assume a maximum number of vehicles, often this can be 10 vehicles. So if you want to insure more than 10 you need to be specific this when taking out your policy.

You will usually be asked how many vehicles you wish to cover anyway and it is even possible to get insurance on hundreds or thousands of vehicles. This can be ideal for large taxi or courier companies with many employees.

When a business is large enough to warrant 3 vehicles or more, insuring them all individually can become very complicated. This is when fleet insurance can be very useful and flexible. It can also work out as being the cheapest option as an alternative to many individual policies.

Bear in mind that more vehicles means a more expensive policy so the more you add the more you will pay but not to the extent of taking out hundreds on individual policies.