What is the Motor Insurers Database?

The MID is a database that maintains a record of all the insured vehicles in the UK. It is used by both the police and the DVLA which helps them to identify uninsured vehicles or vehicles that do not have the correct insurance. The database is managed by the motor insurance bureau.

It is important to register the vehicles in your care to avoid vehicle seizures or enquiries from the police. The database aims to reduce the rate of uninsured driving and if you are caught without correct or valid insurance then you are liable to penalty points and fines.

As soon as a vehicle is in your possession you will need to register it with the MID to let them know you are covering it on your motor trade policy. The vehicle is then your responsibility until you remove it from the MID for example when it is sold or returned to the customer.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate and complete date to the MIB. There are best practice guidelines and file transfer spreadsheets available here: https://www.mib.org.uk/managing-insurance-data/the-motor-insurance-database-mid/fleet-and-motor-trade/ to help you set up an effective system to register vehicles.