What vehicles are covered?

Most providers will cover cars, minibuses, coaches, busses or trucks under a fleet policy. You can also get specialist cover for tractors, motorbikes, tippers, scooters etc. but you will need to specify if you are using these types of vehicles. Some insurers will specialise in specific types of vehicles so it is important to speak to the right people for your business.

Most will be flexible with the vehicles however there may be some exclusions such as motorbikes as they have increased risk of accidents. Classic cars or super cars are another matter and these will require specialist insurance due to their high value.

You can get fleet cover for many vehicle uses such as haulage, couriers, private hire or public taxi services. Of course these businesses will use different vehicles of varying values so this will be taken into consideration too.

When you take out a policy you can put on each individual vehicle that you will be using for business purposes or take out an ‘any vehicle’ policy. This means you have the flexibility if you change vehicles or invest in more. However ‘any vehicle’ insurance does come at an inflated cost. Also all vehicles on the policy must be registered in the name of the company and used for business purposes otherwise they are not covered.