Will my policy cover me for driving all over the UK?

Not necessarily, most companies will give you designated areas within which you are covered to drive in. Taxi insurers tend to be regional and will only cover a specific city or area. If you plan on delivering a long distance taxi service then you will need to mention this to your insurer to extend your location.

Most UK taxi insurance policies exclude Northern Ireland so you will need to speak to an insurer in Northern Ireland if this is where you wish to drive.

Other companies will exclude certain areas they consider high risk such as inner city areas in London, high crime areas or town centres due to increased chance of accidents. Others exclude rural areas because of the increased mileage and restricted business use. It can be difficult to find insurers that will cover you in such areas but some companies are more flexible than others.

When you buy taxi insurance make sure that you highlight the areas you might potentially be driving in so your insurer factors this into your policy. Some areas will be more expensive to cover than others based on crime rates and chances of an accident. It is very important to check your terms and conditions on this matter because if you have an accident in a place you are not covered to drive in, your insurance will be invalid and you will be unable to claim.