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How to get cheap taxi insurance

Anyone who offers a taxi service for profit will need to have insurance for the type of work they do, either as private hire taxi insurance or public hire taxi insurance. You won’t be covered by your private car insurance. Taxi insurance will be tailored to cover the specific types of risk you face in doing your work; in other words, those who drive passengers for hire and reward. Two different kinds of work carry different types of risk which affect the price. Private hire taxi insurance is for taxi drivers operating from a designated taxi rank, or who are booked in advance. These taxis can’t be hailed on the street. Public hire taxi insurance is for those drivers who can be booked in advance, at a designated taxi rank, or hailed on the street (these are also known as ‘Hackney Carriages’).

Cheap taxi insurance brokers

The factors that will affect the price of private taxi insurance include the type of vehicle, your age, the area that you operate in, whether you offer a private- or public hire service, the level of cover that you require, and your mileage. We can negotiate stand-alone taxi insurance for you on a third-party, third party fire and theft, or on a comprehensive basis. This insurance will cover you for the risk you pose to other drivers on the road in the event of an accident or incident, or if you choose comprehensive cover, it will also apply to your own vehicle in the same circumstances.

However, this type of insurance is not the cheapest option if you own a number of taxis: for the best deals here, you will be better off seeking insurance under our Taxi Fleet Insurance Packages. But we can help you to keep the costs down, by combining your taxi insurance with other types of insurance and add-ons, or amending your higher excess fees.

Taxi Fleet Insurance

For fleets of taxis from three or more vehicles we offer both annual and monthly Taxi Fleet Insurance policies. These packages can include any owner driver schemes you participate in. The Smarter Insurance Taxi Fleet Insurance policy can also cover taxi self-drive hire for drivers over 25 years old.

As well providing the most cost-effective fleet insurance for taxi private hire and public hire, we also cover mixed fleets, giving you total flexibility to run your business however you see fit, guaranteeing peace of mind that however you wish to operate, you are totally covered.

Our experienced brokers can even find cheap taxi insurance in the following circumstances:

  • Cover for younger, less experienced taxi drivers and those who only received their badge in the past two years
  • Cover for MPVs that have as many as 16 seats
  • Cover for coaches

This type of insurance includes cover for your premises, public and employers’ liability, as well as cover for internal risks such as your computer and telephone equipment, any vending machines and other valuable items on-site.

Making insurance easier for you

Smarter Insurance is one of the largest taxi insurance platforms. Our team works with the leading insurance firms to search out the best deals on your behalf. While so-called cheap taxi insurance companies may claim that they offer full cover, it is important that your individual needs are taken into consideration to ensure you actually have the insurance that you need. We will take all your circumstances into account when looking for the best price for you.

You can get an instant quote for single taxi insurance, or a quick turnaround on a taxi fleet insurance quote, by completing our online form.


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