When buying taxi insurance it is important to check whether or not public liability insurance is included in your policy. As a taxi driver you will undoubtedly be coming into contact with the public and this means you will need a public liability insurance policy. If there were to be an accident whilst you were working that involved a member of the public you would have the expense of any damage to their property or medical bills if they were to be injured or suffer another loss, while travelling in your taxi. Also if a member of the public claimed against you or sued you, public liability insurance will deal with any pay-out costs involved too.

Fortunately if you are a single taxi driver working for yourself, you need self employed liability insurance but you will not need to pay employer’s liability insurance. If you did consider starting up a company or employing a few employees to cover busy periods then this is something you will need to consider. As soon as you have an employee that is not a family member you need £5 million worth of employer’s liability insurance in the instance that they had an accident or injury at work and claimed against you for this.

If liability insurance is not included on your policy then you can purchase it as an add on or separate policy all together. We would recommend getting at least £5-10 million worth of public liability insurance because accident claims made by the public can be extremely expensive. You can get cheap public liability insurance as an additional feature or a separate policy so figure out which works better for you.