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Taxi insurance for younger drivers

As with standard car insurance, policies for inexperienced taxi drivers are considered riskier for insurance providers. This is because younger drivers and newly qualified drivers are thought to be more likely to be involved in an accident. For this reason, it can be harder to obtain cheap Taxi Insurance package. However, there are specific measures you can take to ensure that you are fully covered at the lowest possible cost.

Smarter Insurance is able to use our 40-years of experience to find the best taxi insurance cover for you, regardless of how long you’ve been driving.

Q: Why do you need Taxi Insurance as a young driver?

All taxi drivers, including those who are self-employed, need Taxi Insurance to cover the risk they pose to other road users, which will not be covered by a standard vehicle insurance policy. This is because you pose increased risks due to your work collecting and delivering passengers, and you can obtain single taxi insurance on a third party, third party plus fire and theft or on a comprehensive basis. However, whether you are an individual taxi driver or own a fleet of vehicles, it is a good idea to have public liability cover to insure you against the risks of an incident involving a passenger or another individual.

Q: Are there any restrictions?

Taxi Fleet Insurance normally has a minimum age requirement for drivers that can be included in on an ‘any driver’ policy, or for a driver to rent a vehicle from a business that has Taxi Fleet Insurance. This is normally 25. However, Smarter Insurance can sometimes help businesses to obtain both individual Taxi Insurance and Taxi Fleet Insurance for younger drivers and drivers who have only got their taxi badge within the last two years.

Certain insurers may exclude work within a specific region or limit your insured work to specific distances, but we can help you find cover that is tailored to your circumstances and provide the flexibility you need. If you work on an individual basis you’ll need to choose either a private or public hire taxi insurance policy. You’ll also need to choose whether you wish to add other drivers, and if the vehicle that you cover will be in personal use as well. The policy you choose will need to include details on any safety modifications to your vehicle.

Q: What cover can you provide?

Single Taxi Insurance is ideal for individuals, small companies or start-ups. A Taxi Fleet Insurance Policy typically covers three or more vehicles, but some companies will offer Fleet Insurance for as few as two taxis. This cover allows you to cover all of your company vehicles under one policy and you can have an ‘any vehicle’ or ‘any driver’ policy which means you do not have to specify the driver or vehicle when opening the policy.

If you have a large taxi company, Taxi Fleet Insurance allows you to cover hundreds or even thousands of vehicles under one policy which saves the complications of having individual policies for each vehicle and driver.

As an individual, you can choose between comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only cover, and choose the level of voluntary excess you will pay. If you have a no claims bonus based on private hire, public hire, company car experience or as a private car user this can be taken into account.

At Smarter Insurance, we can also help you find a deal that includes Taxi Base Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance. Taxi Base Insurance can in turn include cover for the premises, Public Liability, Employers’ Liability and internal risks cover (for example, cover for computers and telephony equipment, drinks machines and other valuable items on-site).

Using our expertise with taxi insurance, we can negotiate cover for coaches and MPVs and mixed fleets.

Q: What optional extras that you would advise?

Smarter Insurance can also provide a separate quote for the installation of telematics devices, which can help to minimise the costs of taxi insurance for younger drivers. There are also a number of optional extra features available that you might wish to include. Depending on the insurance provider and your circumstances, these can include cover for legal assistance, cover against loss of earnings, windscreen cover, Public Liability Insurance and/or breakdown cover.

Why choose Smarter Insurance?

Smarter Insurance specialises in fast quotes and the best-value insurance for taxi businesses. We provide competitive quotes for businesses and individuals, online and 24 hours a day.

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